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Build it Better, Build it Faster.

Providing innovative solutions in the Construction, Agriculture and Power Systems sectors.


The Near East Tractor Company (NETCO) was founded in 2016. We believe in the potential for growth in Somaliland. A common purpose drives us to deliver a better world by pioneering the future.

NETCO is a proud distributor of high-quality brands in the Somaliland market.

What we do

NETCO is Somaliland’s leading infrastructure consulting firm, partnering with clients to solve complex challenges by providing high-quality advisory and maintenance for heavy equipment and agricultural machines.

What we do

We partner with and distribute with quality brands in the market, offering premium advisory and servicing.

Agriculture Equipment

Performance is essential. We supply machinery that is reliable, comfortable and of premium quality.

Spare Parts & Maintenance Services

Our clients can rely on original parts and professionals in the field to deliver a high-quality service.

Our Vision

To build on our reputation as a world-class provider of heavy equipment and maintenance to mining and civil companies in Somaliland. With a business model built on passion, knowledge, and commitment to the industry, every decision is made with clients, employees and shareholders in mind. We are dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations whilst providing an excellent workplace for our people and superior returns for our investors.Our clients can rely on original parts and professionals in the field to deliver a high-quality service.

Our Values

We’re values-driven, solutions-focused and backed by a strong team of dynamic and skilled individuals.

Our rapid growth and demonstrated history of excellent customer service had been a testament to our core values:

  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Service Excellence

Our Commitment

Our Team Mader has a highly experienced, friendly and knowledgeable team to assist you.

Commitment to Quality NETCO’s uncompromising approach to quality means that our specialist delivers the best results to ensure our clients’ projects deliver maximum productivity.

Our Mission

Our role in the development and sustainability of Somaliland and its people is of the utmost importance to us.

Our ongoing mission is to make a real difference to our customers, employees, partners, and stakeholders and add real value to the nation’s ambitious growth.

Our Purpose

We are committed to competitive pricing and superior service, listening to what customers and partners want from our products and services and adapting to meet those needs. This approach has enabled us to mirror the growth of the country and embrace change and development with resolve and vigour. Strengthened by our core values, it has guided us along the path to distinction and helped us to reinforce our standing as a dynamic business house that enriches life.

Product, Parts and Services Enquiries.

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